One portion Tandoori Masala

Sunday, February 23, 2014 least I think that's what this is. Been meaning to share this recipe for ages, but I could never seem to get a good picture of the dish. Oh well...
This is based on a bigger recipe I can't remember where I found, so feel free to round up or down the slightly odd numbers.

Alternative awesome-version with the tomato and cream replaced by 80-100g passata, 100g water and 100g pumpking pruee... and a dash of coconut cream

0,4 ss garam masala
0,2 ss paprikapulver
0,2 ss ingefær
0,2 ss hvitløk
0,3 dl yogurt
0,4 ss olje
----- bland alt, tilsett kjøttet (kylling, reker, lam, hjort..?), mariner... lenge.

Probably the most representative photo of the bunch.

0,4 rødløk
0,3 ss ingefær
0,4 fedd hvitløk
0,3 ss garam masala
0,4 ss parpikapulver
0,2 ts chillipulver
80g hakket plommetomat
0,6 dl fløte

- stek kjøttet og legg til side
- varm smør i gryte, fres løk, tilsett krydder, tilsett tomat, kok i 5min
- tilsett fløte og kok i 15-20 min
- smak til med salt og søtt og la det trekke i 15 minutter

0.4 tbs garam masala
0.2 tbs paprika powder
0.2 tbs ginger
0.2 tbs garlic
0.3 dl yogurt
0.4 tbs oil
----- mix togeter everythig, add the meat (chicken, prawns, lamb, deer..?), marinade... a long time.

0.4 red onion
0.3 tbs ginger
0.4 clove garlic
0.3 tbs garam masala
0.4 tbs parpika powder
0.2 tsp chilli powder
80g chopped plum tomato
0.6 dl cream

- fry the meat and put aside
- warm butter in a pot, fry the onion, add spice, add tomato, cook for 5 minutes
- add cream and cook for 15-20 minutes
- add salt and sugar to taste and leave it to simmer for 15 minutes

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