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Not arranged by type of meat, as you can easily replace chicken with tuna, pork mince with turkey mince, beef chunks with lamb chunks, and so on.
game casserole


Barbecue, barbecue and taco

Side dishes

I usually just stir fry or boil some vegetables. But if you do want some side dishes, these are nice and tasty:


I thought I didn't like soup until I tried these.
cauliflower soup Lentils and chickpea soup

Dinner ideas

Not recipes really, more for inspirational purposes.


Sigh, the caveman's everlasting hunt for the perfect pizza crust.
Pizza crust

Instead of bread

...flour, buns, rolls, pancakes. Not something I usually make, but it's convenient to have in the freezer, or for social occasions.

Breakfast & lunch

Aka 'stuff that didn't go anywhere else'.


...for the rare occasion when I don't just drink water or tea.


Aka puddings.


Aka sweet stuff that didn't go elsewhere.

Cakes and muffins

Sweet bakin'!

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