Friday, June 29, 2012

Sukkerfrie, glutenfrie og melfrie boller

4 egg
2 ss tagatesse
(2 ts sukrin+)
1 dl fløte
50 g smeltet smør
1 dl kokosmel
2 ts bakepulver
3 ss fiberhusk
1 ts kardemomme

- Visp egg og sukrin godt sammen.
- Tilsett det smeltede smøret og fløten.
- Bland det tørre godt sammen og bland det godt inn i det våte.
- La deigen svelle ti minutter.
- Ha i midten av ovnen på 175 grader i cirka 18 minutter.

4 eggs
2 tbs tagatesse
(2 ts sukrin+)
1 dl cream
50 g melted butter
1 dl cocnut flour
2 ts baking powder
3 tbs psyllium seed husks
1 ts cardamom

- Whip eggs and the sweeteners together.
- Add the melted butter and the cream.
- Mix the dry stuff together and add to the batter.
- Let the dough swell for 10 minutes.
- Put in the middle of the oven at 175 degrees for about 18 minutes.



kelkayla said...

what is "tagatesse" and "sukrin" and what does "dl" mean? also what is the measurment for 50g in tsp? Thanks so much!

Eli Langstrømpe said...

Hi kelkayla
Sukrin is erythritol of a particular brand. Sukrin+ is a blend of erythritol and stevia, so you could use truvia or purevia instead.
Tagatesse is another kind of sweetening produced by the company 'Damhert nutrition'. It's twice as sweet as sugar. You could replace it with Splenda or just add more truvia/purevia.

dl stands for decilitre.

In the case of grams to tsp measures, it depends what you are measuring. In the case of butter, 50 grams of butter is roughly 3 tbs.

I hope this helps :)